At Trident Prep Lusaka, we employ a comprehensive approach to assessment that combines both continuous individual and group evaluations. While we acknowledge the importance of preparing students for formal examinations, our assessment strategy prioritizes ongoing evaluation using a variety of methods and strategies. Our assessment standards align with those of other reputable private schools in Zambia.

Continuous assessment is conducted across all areas of the curriculum, with a focus not only on academic attainment but also on individual progress. We recognise that each student has unique strengths and areas for development, and our aim is to ensure that every child makes appropriate progress. For students with additional learning needs, we provide support to facilitate their access to the curriculum. To monitor student progress effectively, we closely track their development and conduct assessments at the end of each unit.

In Years 3 to 6, students undergo various assessments including End of Unit Tests, Mid-point Tests, and Cambridge Progression Tests. At the culmination of Key Stage 2 (Year 6), students sit the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Tests in English, Mathematics, and Science. These assessments are conducted under formal examination conditions, administered by a registered exam officer in accordance with Cambridge guidelines. Following completion, assessments are marked by Cambridge Assessment International (CIE) Examinations in the UK, with official reports forwarded to the school and parents for record-keeping purposes.

In instances where further assessment is deemed necessary, we may refer parents to external educational specialists. The findings from these assessments inform the development of Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) tailored to meet the specific needs of students requiring additional support.