Technology is woven into our curriculum in many ways. All students have a unique log in to our main e-resource site "Education City" for classwork & homework activities that supplement the Cambridge Curriculum. All classes from Early Years to Year 6 use technology where necessary to enhance lessons. Primary students may use our well-equipped, modern IT lab for typing, story writing, research and presentations and will be used at appropriate levels.




In Art lessons, students from Nursery to Year 6 learn about colour, form, perspective, famous artists, media, style and techniques. Students will learn to use different media to design, draw, create and make their own art works. Art lessons may be linked to IPC topics or themes.



Music is taught throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6. Students are given opportunity for creative expression through song, dance, playing instruments such as recorders, marimba and other percussion instruments.

Physical Education


Physical Education is taught to all students. Students are exposed to numerous sport skills: Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Soccer, Athletics, Cross-Country, Swimming. Many skills are enforced through PE, such as: hand-eye and hand-foot coordination, balance, ball skills, focus, dedication, teamwork and sportsmanship.