Trident Prep-Lusaka aims to provide an inclusive, multi-cultural, innovative school that will become the school of choice for residents in this fast-developing area of Lusaka.

TPL is a school with traditional values and students with excellent manners, who have integrity, who are responsible and respectful. We offer a safe, happy, nurturing environment where our students’ well-being and their learning is at the centre of every decision we make. We aim to attract and retain excellent teachers. All teachers know that the atmosphere within a school contributes as much to the success of the students as the curriculum. It is about creating a school where children feel challenged but competent, where hard work is enjoyed and where achievement is not the sole objective. It is about creating a positive, loving, and happy atmosphere, a place where the education of our young ones is a shared responsibility of the teachers and the parents.

Trident Prep Lusaka (located opposite Bonanza Golf Estate on Ngwerere Road) opened its doors at the beginning of 2022. The school is set in a beautiful four hectare site teeming with birds. Play areas are shaded by lovely indigenous trees.

 Our Location