Trident Prep Lusaka is committed to establishing itself as an inclusive, multi-cultural, and innovative educational institution, poised to be the preferred choice for residents in this rapidly evolving area of Lusaka. At TPL, we uphold traditional values and prioritise the development of students who embody exceptional manners, integrity, responsibility, and respect.

Our ethos revolves around providing a secure, joyful, and supportive environment where the well-being and learning of our students take precedence in every decision we make. Central to our mission is the recruitment and retention of outstanding educators who understand that the school's atmosphere is as crucial to student success as the curriculum itself.


We endeavour to cultivate an environment where children feel both challenged and competent, where the joy of hard work is embraced, and where achievement is viewed not merely as an end goal, but as part of a holistic journey. We are dedicated to fostering a positive, nurturing, and loving atmosphere, where the education of our youth is a shared responsibility between teachers and parents alike.

Trident Prep Lusaka, conveniently situated opposite Bonanza Golf Estate on Ngwerere Road, welcomed its inaugural cohort in 2022. Our school campus spans four hectares of lush surroundings, abundant with birdlife, and features shaded play areas nestled beneath magnificent indigenous trees.

 Our Location